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What makes coffee great tasing? The perfect combination of seed varietals, weather, soil, growing conditions, and processing. Protected by bird-friendly shade trees, our coffee grows to perfection then is processed to specialty standards. The final step - fresh-roasted in small batches Direct to You.



Our Farmers  

Over 1,200 farmers dedicate part of their lands to plant and harvest our precious Arabica coffee seeds in the SouthWestern regions of Kisoro, Kanungu, Kabale, and Rukungiri. 

The coffee plants are intercropped with necessary food crops of maize, beans, and vegetables and provide critical and sustainable revenue  

Social Projects 

GHC is committed to implementing social projects that guarantee an improvement in the quality of our farmer's lives through increased livelihood, access to health insurance with our Kawacare program,  education tuition planning through our school coffee clubs, and sports activities to children in the less favoured communities of the Ugandan South-West. 

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