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Our Farmers 

We work with over 1,200 local partnering coffee farmers who combine their traditional organic and sustainable farming techniques with our roasting art. Quality starts with picking the best, ripest red cherries hand-picked daily throughout the season. Using our "cherry" bracelets, the farmer is constantly aware of which cherries to select. After the wet or natural processing is completed, the coffee continues it's quality journey where it is hand-sorted to remove any defects and sent to our Gorilla Highlands Coffee facility where we then perfect the roasting, always in small batches. Attention to the right timing and temperature gives birth to amazing full-flavored coffee beans.

Recognizing our farmer's commitment to delivering the best quality coffee cherries, we ensure they are always paid higher prices as part of our "Beyond Direct Trade" commitment.

Our vision and commitment to our farmers and our Cup of Excellence "Grand Crus" goal efforts are to build a  

"Coffee Centre of Excellence"

in Kisoro where we will have centralised cherry washing and processing stations, a building to house our hulling machines to green bean then roasting the beans to perfection right in our region. 

Together, we are building a strong, more sustainable future for our partnering farmers and their families ...

with passion, artistry, and quality. 

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